Optional equipment

Hydraulic hand EQUUS 120; 6.1 m; with one telescope, with a switchboard and two joysticks

klembank (with automatic pushing pliers)

arm rest, air conditioning,
Remote control for winch or reel. for reel and vehicle
rotating workstation
seat with heating and compressor
additional cabin LED lights
Tires 540 / 70-30; 23.1-26 (NOKIAN, Trelleborg, Alliance)
Front teeth with hydraulic control

Hydraulic arm EQUUS 120

Hydraulic arm EQUUS 120


  • Two-part construction: main arm with the lifting power of 120 kN net, cranked arm with 100 kN net.
  •  The hydraulic arm can be folded horizontally, allowing for an easy transport of the Equus 175N using a common truck.
  • The robust construction allows for trouble-free handling/dragging of wood.


1. EQUUS 120 – arm length 6.1 m; one telescope + switchboards with two joysticks
2. EQUUS 120 – arm length 7.5 m; two telescopes + switchboards with two joysticks
3. EQUUS 120 – arm length 9.5 m; two telescopes + switchboards with two joysticks


Rotátor: Indexator/Baltrotor
Záves: Indexator/ Baltrotor
Drapák: Gripen 035/Hultdins Supergrip360
Drapák s pílou (opcia) : Gripen X3M/ Hultdins Supersaw 550
Harvestrová hlavica (opcia):

Rýchloupínače na ruku pre drapáky, lyžice a ost. zariadenia / Kranfix, Arden /


Optional eqiupment

Optional eqiupment


  • Tires:540/70-30; 23,1-26; (NOKIAN, ALIANCE, TRELLEBORG)
  • Clambunk (with automatic clamping)
  • Frame arresting system
  • Air condition
  • Remote control for the reel and/or for the reel and travel
  • Rotating workstation
  • Seat with heating and compressor
  • Additional LED lights for the cabin
  • Towing device
  • Vonkajší hydraulický vývod
  • Immobilizer
  • Reverse camera system
  • Teeth for the front blade with hydraulic control
  • Chains on wheels


If you have further questions about a forestry tractor, please contact us



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