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EQUUS – Your Partner for the Forest

EQUUS – Your Partner for the Forest

Meet EQUUS, the most efficient forestry tractor in its category! Its main attributes are robustness and high working efficiency together with its rate of return. The tractor is easy to operate and complies with the most demanding criteria of today's customers. It is equipped with an up-to-date hydrostat and a perfect cooling system. This heavy duty forestry machine is capable of driving on roads to distances exceeding 100 km in a speed of 40 km per hour. The lowest centre of gravity in its class makes this machine a perfect choice for work in the most demanding terrain.

We are among the first manufacturers who use the state-of-the-art STAGE V class combustion engines (CUMMINS B4.5 and VOLVO Penta). We have increased the transmission efficiency and improved the logic of the entire tractor, resulting in an overall savings of 20–30 % of fuel per 1 cubic meter of timber produced. This means savings in terms of fuel and lower emissions, as well as longer useful life, and better price to work ratio. Last but not least, it means a higher profit per one cubic meter and therefore the highest added value for the user!

Do you need a tractor that can handle, cut and transport wood in bulk, in demanding terrain and in short periods of time? Select the version best fitting your needs from our offer of EQUUS tractors. Create own specification based on your needs and equip your dream machine with the accessories you need!

EQUUS News 2023
  • New CUMMINS engine with the latest STAGE V standard. Increased power by 10%

  • Higher cab with overhead view of the hydraulic arm

  • New air conditioning, new glass with 20% reflection of the sun's rays (smoked)

  • New hydraulics - arm drop locks, ETL pump control

  • Swivel seat with choice

  • Second display - hydraulics. 8 x hydraulic component functions, 3 x driver functions

  • Rear shield with higher lift (1500 mm above ground level)

  • Winch up to 15t per drum, 2x160m rope diameter 14, max. 18t total (2xdrum)

  • NAF 17t axles

  • Improved lower centre of gravity

  • Enlarged radiator with engine cooling capacity above 50°C outside temperature

EQUUS 2023 production programme


If you have any further questions about the forest tractor, you can contact us



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