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The founder of SITTRANS s.r.o., producer of special forestry tractors under the EQUUS brand, has more than 12 years of experience with servicing forestry machinery. He used his professional capabilities, accuracy and abundant experience to develop a new forestry tractor. It was a response to requirements of customers who demanded a more powerful forestry tractor with long useful life, easy maintenance and affordable price.

The first prototype of EQUUS was built in 2014. Already in 2015, we were regularly producing more than 1 tractor per month, which were supplied mostly to Slovak and Czech customers. Nowadays, we produce 4 to 5 tractors per month, we have our business representatives throughout Europe as well as in other countries and 90% of our production is exported.

Thanks to the number of units produced and several years of experience, servicing activities and suggestions from our markets, we constantly obtain new data and valuable information, on the basis of which – and also in line with the global market developments – our tractors are being continuously improved and upgraded. Our company started with four employees. At present, we employ more than 50 employees of different professions. We use the highest share of our own components in the machine (frames, cabin, reel, front blade, shield, hydraulic arm, clambunk, etc.), which allows us not only to control the quality parameters throughout the production process, but also to flexibly respond to new market demands, to develop and implement own innovative solutions and, last but not least, to maintain an affordable price for the final product. We are able to promptly respond to the requirements of the market and our customers thanks to our own development centre in Banská Štiavnica.


We are proud that our machines can be labelled "Made in Slovakia".


Video presentation of Sittrans s.r.o. and EQUUS 175N forest tractors


If you have any further questions about the forest tractor, you can contact us



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